Who We Are

With a compassionate, loving, and community-based approach to supporting students’ well-being, UVic Bounce is an initiative through which faculty and alumni share their experiences as students, thus welcoming and championing the diverse stories of our community as we build a more connected, supportive, and inclusive campus community. Through videos and podcasts, UVic Bounce shares profoundly human stories of loss, relationship difficulties, mental health, grief, academic struggles, transitions, and much more to de-stigmatize discussions around challenge and difficulty and to create room for a wider range of experiences and perspectives in our community. By sharing these stories, we hope that our listeners will feel less alone in their journeys and more able to reach out for support, knowing that they are a part of a compassionate community who understands the challenges that students experience at university.

How UVic Bounce Came to Be​

UVic Bounce was inspired by the Stanford Resilience Project and Harvard’s Success-Failure Project and other projects whose aim is to raise awareness, provide support, and make more room for conversations about student mental health, wellness, suicide, and the diverse experiences of being a post-secondary student.


UVic Bounce is funded by the Faculty of Humanities and a grant from the President’s Strategic Impact Fund. We’ve also had generous support from UVic’s Alumni Association, the Faculties of Engineering and Computer Science, Law, and Social Sciences.

"The truth about stories is that's all we are."

Thomas King

Indigenous author, and photographer


Teaching with Love ​​

The work that we are doing with UVic Bounce and “Waving, Not Drowning” is a labour of love in which we share our stories with each other to promote the work of teaching with love.


This initiative is a part of that labour of love, of doing absolutely everything that we can to create a campus culture in which students, faculty, and staff can come together to learn with love and be taught with love so that members of our community will come to campus and feel:


    • That they are seen 
    • That they are welcomed as individuals with unique histories, experiences, and stories

    • That they are cared for

    • That they will receive compassion and support

    • That they will not be wounded

"This is the work of love that we here at UVic Bounce are trying to do."

Rebecca Gagan

UVic Bounce Founder and Director 

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