Bounce at McMaster

Bounce at McMaster is an initiative funded by the Okanagan Committee that shares diverse, real stories told by McMaster faculty and alumni about their experiences as students, with a vision to build campus-wide resilience. By sharing stories through podcasts and videos, Bounce McMaster hopes to build a stronger sense of connection throughout their campus and to help students, as well as faculty and staff, to recognize that we are fellow human beings, all of whom can struggle and suffer during our lives.

The stories told are ones that could easily have remained untold. They are stories of loss, grief, relationship difficulties, transitions, mental health problems and more. Bounce McMaster hopes that by listening to these stories, many will realize that they are not alone and that they can find their way through difficult times and experiences. Their overall vision is that Bounce can take us another step forward toward becoming a more supportive and resilient university community, one that is more inclusive, caring and open to many different people and perspectives.

“About Bounce.” Bounce at McMaster,

"We envision that Bounce at McMaster can help us to build resilience, individually and collectively, by increasing mutual understanding, creating connections, tackling stigma, and offering hope through the sharing of stories."

Bounce McMaster

The Stanford Resilience Project

The Stanford Resilience Project aims to normalize experiences of failure on campus and beyond. The projects core ideas are to learn about learning, seek advice, get perspective, and connect with the community in order to develop resilience through learning and growing from failure. Through a series of videos, this initiative offers a range of services for Stanford students to help them optimize their learning potential. These include stories and advice from students and faculty on academic skills coaching, tutoring, technology support, and more.

[Vice Provost for Technology and Learning]. The Stanford Resilience Project [Youtube Playlist]. YouTube.